What's inside?

With over 120 pages of content, there's so much to choose from!

Me (and IBD) is carefully put together to cover all the 'need-to-know' IBD topics in a way that feels approachable and accessible for all ages.

Discover what a you'll find in each individual part...

Part 1 - All about me

A space to write (and draw!) about yourself, your life and all the things that make you amazing!

Begins the building of trust and rapport with the journal and its purpose

Encourages thought about identity and value of self away from IBD

A gentle introduction to IBD in a way that is personal to you

Space to record basic facts about your condition and healthcare team

Part 2 - Love to learn
(Your digestive system)

Learn about how your digestive system works, and understand what happens when things go wrong.

Introduces the digestive system, focusing on each part, and the role it plays in the digestive process

Simple, age-appropriate information with diagrams and labels, highlighting and explaining 'tricky' words

Fun wordsearch activity to 'test' new learning

Part 3 - So what is IBD?

The what, how and why of IBD! Each page is carefully constructed to help you learn all about your condition

Clear, easy-to-follow information, thought-provoking questions and 'tricky' word explanations

How the immune system works, and how it can go wrong

Inflammation, symptoms, flares and remission, complications and more

Part 4 - Tests and treatments

All the important information about IBD tests and treatments, why they are needed and how they work!

Explaining the purpose of, and helping to remove fear and embarrassment around tests in IBD

Opportunity to share and explore feelings about personal experiences

Blood tests, stool tests, bowel prep, endoscopy and more

Age-appropriate information about commonly prescribed medicines and other treatments

Part 5 - Looking after my body

A place to explore what you can do to help keep your body healthy and happy every day!

Looking at lifestyle choices that may have a positive impact on physical and emotional health

Considering sleep, diet and movement

Gently encourages taking responsibility for what can be controlled

Part 6 - Looking after my mind

Exploring mental health, emotional wellbeing and the impact of IBD, Jen also shares her own experiences along the way

Introducing the link between chronic disease, mental health and emotional wellbeing

Encouraging self awareness, self esteem and connection

Considering and normalising fears and anxieties, and how to ask for help

Promoting positive thinking and personal growth

What do you think? Jen is continually adjusting and adding to Me (and IBD), and is determined to ensure it is the best it can possibly be for young IBD patients and their families

Please contact Jen to share any thoughts and ideas you might have