Being diagnosed with a chronic disease like IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) at a young age can be the start of a long, unpredictable and often challenging journey.

Me (and IBD) is a colouring journal designed to accompany young people on this journey, offering friendly support and gentle learning along the way. 

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What's inside?

More than 120 pages of individually crafted, fully colourable designs

Carefully considered, accurate, age-appropriate information approved by patients, families and healthcare professionals

Personalisable content

Space to record thoughts and feelings, facts and questions

Positive affirmations

Fun activities to consolidate learning

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Every IBD journey is different, and so Me (and IBD) will soon grow into something that is personal to each young person, with endless opportunities to record thoughts and feelings, facts and questions. Often young people who have IBD experience feelings of isolation and loneliness, something the colouring journal tackles by sharing patient experiences and encouraging conversation and connection with family, friends and healthcare teams.

Now here's the interesting bit - Jen, the writer and illustrator of Me (and IBD) is a patient with IBD, and also the parent of a young person with IBD. In addition to this unique experience, countless hours of conversation with young patients and their families are behind the development of a colouring journal packed full of the kind of information patients want, delivered in a way that works best for patients.

By collaborating with the Paediatric Gastroenterology team at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge, Jen has ensured that Me (and IBD) offers only accurate, relevant and up-to-date information, approved by healthcare professionals and patients.

“Encouraging young people to explore and learn about their bodies, minds and IBD, taking their first steps on the journey to becoming an empowered patient who can live well with chronic disease”

A place to learn and grow, to share experiences and create memories

Combining the well-recognised stress relieving, calming benefits of a mindful activity with gentle learning

Encouraging an inquisitive attitude to learning about and looking after health

Promoting good self-esteem and self awareness, both in relation to and separate from IBD

Creating empowered adult patients by encouraging young people to engage with and understand their condition

Tackling isolation and loneliness by encouraging conversation with friends, family, healthcare teams and other support

Enhancing the work of IBD teams and other healthcare professionals and aiding transition to adult services

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I just wanted to say thank you so much! I absolutely love it and have already coloured in a few pages, it’s so gorgeous and I’ve learnt so much

I find Me (and IBD) to be very informative. Me and my family wish we had Me (and IBD) to begin with as it would of made it easier to understand my illness and be better informed

My husband has had Crohn’s disease for the 15 years we have been together and longer, and there is so much information in your journal that I didn’t even know. After all this time! So for newly diagnosed children and their families, this journal is going to be invaluable